How long this OTDR can test?

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When we purchase the OTDR, sometimes we meet the problem: how long this OTDR can test? Today, we share a tip to you:
Take the single mode OTDR with 1310/1550nm as example, in the actual test, the loss with 1310nm is near to 0.33dB/KM, the loss with 1550nm is near to 0.22dB/KM. We know during the test, the fiber quanlity, connector quality, connecting close or not, etc. all would infect the loss and then final test distance. So to make it more precision, we caculate 1310nm as 0.38dB/KM, 1550nm as 0.3dB/KM.
Here's the  formula is used to get the distance:  OTDR dynamic range/Loss=Distance.
For example, VIAVI(JDSU) SmartOTDR 100A, 1310/1550nm, 30dB. The testing distance with 1310nm: 30dB/0.38dB/KM=79KM.  The testing distance with 1550nm: 30dB/0.3dB/KM=100KM. 
Here we see, 1550nm is right for long test because of its low loss. We suggest, constructors test with both 1310nm and 1550nm while working.
Here recommend you some kinds of OTDR for short distance test:
1. VIAVI(JDSU) SmartOTDR 100A, 1310/1550nm, 30dB
2. EXFO OTDR MAX-710B,  1310/1550nm, 30dB
3. Honserv HSV-610, 1310/1550nm, 30dB
If you have any questions, please be free to contact me. I'm very glad to discuss with you and improve ourselves.