COMWAY C10 fusion splicer

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USA COMWAY C10 with bewlow advantages :
* the boot up time is only 1 sec. (increase efficiency )
the splicing time is only 6 sec. 
the heating time is only 12 sec.
6 motors ,core to core alignment. 
 splicing low loss(SM:0.02dB,MM:0.01dB,DS:0.04dB;NX/NZDS:0.04dB;BI:0.02dB) ,stabilization
mian for backbone, FTTx , factory , LAN, all the opitcal fiber projects
7800mAh long time battery, over 300 times splicing and heating time.
password function.(You can contral this machine for rent or don`t worry lost )
delay time to lock machine function(you can set the lock day to delay lock machine, for rent or payment by instalments  )
enhance outdoor screen (You can see the screen word very clear in strong sunshine)
double V Grooves (very easy and fast to put the fibers)

  COMWAY C10 fusion splicer.pdf